How to care Your Leather Bag

Leather Care Guide

Your beloved, classy leather bag has arrived! Please bear a few useful things in mind.

Does your bag give out a smell?

Worry not! It occurs because leather is a natural product which is tanned to make durable leather goods. Leather grain can soak up smells during the tanning process without chemical treatment. 

The smell of leather wears away within a few weeks of regular use, leaving behind a lovely signature smell of the original material. 

We recommend laying a perfumed sheet inside the bag for quick results.

Does your leather bag contain scratches or small cuts?

Our leather bags are made of premium grade full grain goat leather. As a result, the leather can have small scratches or cuts which naturally occur from the trees or bushes where they roamed. It suggests that our products are made of 100% genuine leather. 

However, we try our best not to use scratched skin. Still, if the scratches are too evident, apply beeswax-based leather balm into the affected area. Make sure to apply this balm smoothly to avoid forming dark patches in your bag.

Did you find some loose threads on the bag?

Our elegant leather bags are hand-crafted by highly experienced artisans. Therefore, occasionally threads are not cut at the seams. The simplest way to fix it is to carefully cut the loose ends of the strands with a small pair of scissors or burn it with the help of a lighter. 

Be careful that you don’t cut too close to the stitching; otherwise, it may lead to holes in the seams.

Are there marks on your bag?

You don’t need to be worried if there are slight spots on your bag. They are generated by the grease of natural leather and can be easily removed. The oily nature of leather causes those unlovely white marks which can be conveniently removed by gentle rubbing.

Does your bag not appear exactly as shown in the photo?

At Quvom, every bag is handmade from genuine goat leather which is vegetable tanned without chemical treatment. The bags are not from dyed leather and are tanned naturally with sunlight by simply applying vegetable oil.  

Thereby occasionally the color of the bags may slightly vary from the photographs as well as light effects of your screen. This difference in color attributes uniqueness to every bag making each product special!

About Quvom

Handmade classy leather bags have been a timeless fashion from office-going professionals to frequent travelers. A genuine leather bag is universally beloved object and is a special addition to every person’s wardrobe. No material, other than genuine leather, can contribute the premium quality to a bag. Be it a stylish messenger bag or a sturdy duffel bag, we at Quvom have it all.