About Us

About Us

We are a brand having the desire to promote Indian art and handicraft worldwide.

Our Story

We are young enthusiasts having the desire to promote Indian art and handicraft worldwide. Quvom comprises of a team where the leaders are graduated from IIT and NIFT. The rest of the team comprises of designers, photographers and other people have an interest in this area and expert of this field. Quvom is a brand developed to provide our customer with the quality and satisfaction to 100%. We are here to provide unique hand made products worldwide at affordable pricing. With Quvom, you can be assured of the quality and customer service. We are not just mere sellers, we believe in building relationships with our customers, when someone makes a purchase it makes a bond between seller and customer and we value that relationship.

Our Products

Quvom brings you authentic handcrafted leather products. We use pure leather to craft backpacks, duffle, tote and briefcase bags. We guarantee safe payment and 30-day return policy for all orders. Quvom exclusively designs leather bags of all kinds. Be it a backpack for your college, a sling bag for a casual outing, a messenger briefcase for office purpose or a duffle bag for your vacation, Quvom ticks on all of the above. Each and every bag has a unique vintage look which helps you game up your style as well. With 24*7 chat, email and on-call assistance, Quvom makes sure customers have hassle-free purchase and wonderful after purchase experience.

Our incredible team are here for you