Leather Brown Backpack Men’s

Brown leather backpack mens is a product that everyone will love when spoken about leather products. Premium leather bags have been a great product to buy for years which can use for gifting purposes or even for personal use.

Who does not love to be noticed while carrying stylish stuff along and our vintage leather backpacks cater to this purpose. Our bags come in various styles, sizes and shapes and goes with almost every look.

Popular mens brown leather backpack 

The backpacks which you are dreaming about are entrusted with Quvom as they guarantee quality brown leather backpack mens. The bags that we provide to every customer have brand credibility, which has been the key to success for our company. Quvom has a great hand when it comes to the brown leather backpacks for men. Our cccollection consists of duffel bags,  backpacks, laptop bags, leather briefcases, messenger bags, sling bags and much more and the best part about is the quality of leather used.

 The Leather used in these bags is exclusive as well as pure. This is something that attracts the buyers to buy our leather vintage bags. As mentioned, the brown leather backpack is enriched with great features and quality material used for its production.

Duffel Brown Leather Backpack for Men

Duffel bags have been a hot-cake amongst the taste of many people all over the world. These bags are especially popular among gym-goers it due to its style and carrying capacity. The mens distressed leather backpack comes in different shades of brown like hazelnut brown, chocolate brown, Taurean (terrain) brown, and silky brown.

Moreover, the color variety is matched by the various sizes and various designs of this backpack. The various bags available under this category are Traveller duffel bag, Pioneer leather duffel bag, and Grain leather bag, and many more. The various features of duffel brown leather backpack have always brought our customers comfort and satisfaction. A single chain on the top of the bag is sometimes not enough, which is why some of the duffel bags are provided with small side chains to keep small belongings along the trip which are usually distressed in some or other congested space. 

Distressed Leather Laptop Backpack

Customer care is the prime for us, and for that, our laptop distressed leather backpacks focus on providing adequate space for a laptop and its accessories. This laptop backpack serves the purpose of a normal bag as well as a professional laptop carrier. It comes in various brown shades, which makes the company stand out. The collection is available in colors like tree brown, light brown and dusky brown color along with original brown. 

The best thing about this category of the bag is that a sling is also there to lift up weight easily. The various available designs will surely match everyone’s taste. The best thing? These come with a 30-day return policy.

Vintage Leather Briefcases

Vintage bags are good for office going people. It has almost 14 to 15 designs of backpacks for office use. The wide number of designs go fine along with a range of colors between various shades of brown and black. The bags under this category are compact and not bulky. 

A 3-month warranty also comes along with our range of bags. The unique lacquer finishing on the briefcase gives it a glossy appearance adding to the vintage look of the bags.

Rucksack Backpacks

With the production of these distressed men leather backpacks, Quvom aims to serve middle and high school going students who mostly prefer bags that can store all their crazy stuff. It is available in 6 designs and every product under this category has some or the other uniqueness in it. Good discounts are available on almost every design with an affordable price range. This is done keeping in mind our student customers. Talking about colors available, the brown again overpowers with a unique terrestrial brown color available for Rucksack backpacks only. The various available designs are Commando Rucksack backpack, Boho Tan mens leather backpack, Embracing Rustic backpack, and many more items under this range.


Quvom is a worldwide bag selling company. The payment options through various debit and credit cards along with online payment option makes this brand value for money. Thus any new customer looking for a bag can trust our brand for its credibility and customer reviews.

We regret to inform you that due to operational challenges, we are unable to take orders currently. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.
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